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3-For-1 Month Marc ScottSignup Offer

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The VoiceZam™ Player 3-For-1 Month Marc Scott Signup Offer (the “Promotion”) gives you the following:

  • A FREE 15-day trial period to use the VoiceZam Player along with FREE 15-day access to VoiceZam's exclusive marketing tools including Zamtistics™, StraightShot™, ZamFusion™ & VideoZam™!
  • When the 15-day trial ends, you will be automatically charged for your first month as a Premium Member, including the VoiceZam Player ($8.95/month) plus the monthly fee for any Add-ons that you choose to continue using after your FREE trial period.
  • You will then get a $17.90 credit on your VoiceZam account, which pays for another two months of the base VoiceZam Player. You get THREE months of the base VoiceZam Player for the price of one!

VoiceZam is a service provided by MediaZam LLC. This Promotion is subject to the VoiceZam Membership Services Agreement, along with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can read those agreements here: Terms of Use. By signing up for an account and accepting this Promotion, you indicate your agreement with the terms of the Membership Services Agreement, the Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy.

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