VoiceZam introduces a new media player for professional talent

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Producers deserve your hottest tracks on the coolest player yet!

VoiceZam delivers

  • Modern Flat Design
  • Fully Responsive
  • Audio & Video
  • SEO Friendly
  • Customizable
  • Compatible
  • Animated
  • Analytics
  • Fast
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Present your video voiceover work right inside your VoiceZam player

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Got videos?

Is your voiceover work featured in videos?

Do you do on-camera work?

Are your demos uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo?

Then   is for you!!

Watch this quick tutorial and see how easily a video can be added to your demos
Works with Zamtistics and StraightShot too !!

Create a video demo for your email signature using StraightShot. Then learn who's watching in Zamtistics.

VoiceZam releases a new Demo tool for your emails. Now with 1-click, producers are taken straight to your website to hear your demos!

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Now all your emails can be armed with 1-click marketing-guided Demo missiles.

Imagine your emails showing the perfect voiceover signature - with Demo buttons!
(try clicking a StraightShot button below)

(email signature...)

 Click a Button to Hear My Latest Demos:

_Commercial_ _Retail_ _Narration - Corporate_ _Promo_ _Explainer Video_

Producers will even target market themselves by clicking the demo buttons they want to hear! Plus, add custom tracking-codes. Then watch your Zamtistics™ roll in and see who's playing your demos, and when.

Or, quickly create "one-shot" buttons, drop them in an email and producers will hear that individual Demo.

We've even got a short tutorial on how to make that perfect voiceover signature!

VoiceZam members can access StraightShot from the Services menu item.

StraightShot. The Demo Marketing-Missile—only on VoiceZam!


VoiceZam is now an industry partner with the World Voices Organization (WoVO).

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We're so proud of this professional relationship that we've decided to offer a gift to our clients who are also WoVO members. If you are currently a WoVO member, or when you join WoVO, you'll receive 1-month of VoiceZam FREE!

Here's how it works:

  1. If you're already a WoVO member, simply email your WoVO member number to:
  2. If you're not currently a WoVO member, register for membership here. Then send us your member number to the email above.
  3. Once we receive your email, we'll verify your membership and provide you with 1-month of VoiceZam Premium service, a $8.95 value! You'll receive an email from us when you've received our gift.

That's It! Enjoy your FREE 1-month of VoiceZam on us!


VOV2013 Promo

VoiceZam is proud to be a featured exhibitor at Voiceover Virtual 2013.
So, as a show promotion, we're offering
3-months of VoiceZam for the price of ONE!

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To receive the 3-FOR-1 promotion, use the Promo Code VOV2013 and sign-up for VoiceZam membership on the VoiceZam website HERE

That's It! Enjoy your 15-Day FREE Trial of VoiceZam! When your trial ends, we'll bill your first month and credit your account with 2 FREE Months* That's 3 months of VoiceZam for the price of ONE!

*This promotion is available to all new VoiceZam sign-ups.
After the 15-day trial, we will charge your credit card for your first month's billing fees. Following payment,we'll credit your account with 2-months of premium service ($17.90). VoiceZam credits are used to pay  future monthly premium services, Zamtistics, ZamFusion, and demo processing. Credits are non-refundable and unredeemable for cash. This promotion ends midnight, October 31st, 2013, CST.


updated pricing

100% of you love VoiceZam
75% of you said it cost too much
we listened and now it’s 50% less

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Every second a producer listens to your demo gets you one second closer to landing a gig. Your goal should be to make it easy for a producer to listen to as much of your demo as possible, as quickly as possible. That’s why we created VoiceZam. Think of it as iTunes…for voiceover artists. VoiceZam’s exclusive track-list provides instant access to every part of your demo.

Sure there are plenty of free audio players out there. But you get what you pay for. In the case of those free players, that would be… ummm….nothing. They’re free of everything you need in a professional demo player.

There’s more to VoiceZam than just a convenient, easier-to-use, better sounding, customizable audio player. There’s the reassurance to producers that only qualified, proven, professional talent are invited to use it. The VoiceZam player instantly enhances your credibility with agents and producers and gives you a far better chance of being heard by them. Those free players may be costing you a lot more than you think.

And now, VoiceZam will cost you a lot less.

Literally every voice talent who has seen VoiceZam, has wanted it. But we’ve also received feedback that it was too expensive. We think it’s priceless. But we heard you, loud and clear. So we dropped our rates. To put it in terms you can relate to, we plan to make it up…in volume.

The more talent on VoiceZam now, the faster we cement our reputation as the go-to gold standard for producers, agents and casting directors.

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"VoiceZam is a game changer when it comes to displaying and listening to voiceover demo reels.

Not only does this innovative tool improve the odds that a producer or agent will listen critically to your demo reel, it offers the voice actor a great new presentation platform without having to go to the expense of designing and building a web site.

Plus, VoiceZam vets the expertise of its client base which improves the buyers chances for success while extending a level of credibility to the voice actor.

VoiceZam is the future."

Rudy Gaskins, Emmy Award-winning producer and CEO of Push Creative Advertising